11/17-11/18/23 | Wana Brand Maryland Hosted CAMP WANA 2023 | Camp Hidden Valley, MD

11/17-11/18/23 | Wana Brand Maryland Hosted CAMP WANA 2023 | Camp Hidden Valley, MD

Talk about a VIBE! Wana Brand hosted an intimate group of dispensary professionals to a Camp Hidden Valley in White Hall, MD to experience a fully immersive brand experience. And baby when I tell you they hit all the boxes! They really did!!


Check in was from 2-3:30 Friday afternoon! We all got situated in our cabins where we were greeted with these super cute Wana blankets on our beds! Super freaking thoughtful! As if they hadn’t already gifted us their full VEGAN chew line!


We then gathered together for introductions and got our itinerary. Which was full of fun activities paired with the perfect Wana chew for said moment!!


For the first activity of the day we got the option to either hike or stay behind and do arts & crafts. Of course my ambitious behind choose to hike… in uggs… with no socks. Just not the best decision per we. But how chomped down on the Orchard Peach Sativa chew and I got to trucking. Who knew that when they said hike they meant like true blue HIIIKING not just a blunt walk. Plus who freaking knew my best friend / hiking buddy was a freaking all star mountain climber. This girl was hoping over fallen trees.. running down hills! Had to tell her to pump her breaks a few times LOL!


I can say I definitely can recall when the chews started to kick! Probably about 18 minutes in to the hike a quarter down a steep hill. I remember thinking about how we were actually hiking close to dusk in this unfamiliar place and I started to remember how real black bears are in Maryland. Baybeeeee I was on my head hard! I was like my birthday is in less than 8 hours and I choose to go hiking. I was like I should be painting plates right now LOL!!


But as soon as we hit the last incline I got this burst of energy!! The desire to get back to the group before the sun went completely down superseded my awareness of the bears!! DEFINITELY recommend those Orchard Peach chews to activate your mind and power through the day!!


After the hike I was wiped so I took a Itailian Lemon Cream chew to aid in the recovery. I knew my little muscles were going to be screaming at me!


SPOILER ALERT: Best decision I made!!!


We made it back just in time to get a quick rest before Wana fed us some bomb BBQ real Friendsgiving! I stuffed my face for sure! Couldn’t tell if I was really hungry or if the munchies had entered the chat, but honeyyyy I threw down!


They had a quaint speakeasy set up! They served hot cider that you could spike as you liked! I grabbed a nice bevie then sat around the camp fire for a bit before I passed out! Completely missed the s’mores sesh which I heard was a major vibe!!!


That following morning just so happened to be MY BIRTHDAY!!! I got woken up with flower and breakfast cocktails from my cabin mates!! Love them bad for that!!!


We gathered with the rest of the group for breakfast bites sponsored by Bad Cookie Bakery! Soon after we took a 2:1 Exotic Yuzu chew and did an intentional worksheet to really round out the experience.


After that the whole camp sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me which was a super sweet treat!


All in all this was such a dope experience! Wana Brand did their big one for Camp WANA 2023! I’m so excited for next years!!!


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