11/9/23 | AIRO BRAND ORIA LAUNCH PARTY | Annapolis, MD

11/9/23 | AIRO BRAND ORIA LAUNCH PARTY | Annapolis, MD

Airo BRAND has created a name for making premium vapes and vaping accessories in the Maryland medical and recreational markets! They’ve really taken over that category here in Maryland as well!! So when they announced that they’d be launching a line of live resin GUMMIES, they had all of us canna pros in a tizzy! We’ve seen a few brands launch into a new category this year that have done okay but you just know when AIRO graces us with their presence, WATCH OUT!!!


It was so cool linking with other AIRO enthusiasts within the industry at their launch party!! First of all, Metropolitan in Annapolis is alright in my book! We were told that “if we can see the stars we can light up”.. in ANNAPOLIS y’all! Blows my mind to even think about it! So yes back to the event..


My girl Blair’s, owner of Lonewolfe District, was doing tarot readings for the event. Baby had my best friend in tears honey. Just hit all the points! There was also someone doing live artwork which was fire! Airo gave out some super cute goodie bags! Between all that, the open bar and full on buffet.. Airo really spoiled us!!!!

The gummies officially launched in all legal dispos in Maryland this past week!! The flavors are candy versions of their existing vape collection!!

Head to your favorite local dispo and try them today!!!

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