Flower Consults

Tired of spending money on flower products that don’t fit your needs? Yeah it’s gas but it’s not giving what you want it to give!

Tired of leaving the dispo even more dazed and confused than what you arrived? Over feeling confused at all the technical lingo?

Interested in finding more flower products that suit your needs?

You’re in luck! Think of me as your pocket budtender!

As cannabis enters its first full year of being fully legal in Maryland, there is still so much confusion around this plant. AND THAT’S MORE THAN OKAY! I love cannabis, it’s literally my favorite plant, but it changes with the moon! And if you’re not nerding out on it on a regular basis you may not be hip to all the awesomeness that it can do!

And why limit yourself?! We gotta think big!

Whether it's for chronic relief or recreational use, I am here to help you suit your flower needs!

Benefits of getting a flower consult:

  • Knowing the dispensary lingo so you can talk like a budtender - just like in any setting when you know the industry terminology, you are more likely to get the best out of the experience.
  • Help get rid of dispo induced anxiety - when you’re unfamiliar with the dispensary experience, going in one to shop - even if you’ve been a few times - can be overwhelming. All dispos are not created equal but not only can we help you create your online orders we can also help guide you to the best dispo experience nearest you.
  • Discover new products and consumption methods - the same products may not always be available, however stay up to date on new products and brands setting up shop in Maryland that an industry professional.
  • Keeping up with changes in cannabis categorization - Cannabis is such a fresh market, especially in Maryland. What better than to work with industry professionals who are privy to what's happening in real time within the community.
  • SAVE MONEY! - One thing I love to do is help people save a coin! One of the best ways you can save money is by getting products that really suit your needs so you can have your most desirable experience every single time!! Also, we have partnered with some of the best brands and dispensaries to make high quality flower that much more accessible!

Now I bet, if you don’t know me, you may be wondering why you should book a flower consult with me. For starters, cannabis is life for me. 

  • I have been consulting people with their flower consumption for over 4 years. 
  • I’ve been a caregiver for 4 years
  • I have 2 years of budtender experience
  • I was voted Marylands Cannabis Advocate of the Year in 2023
  • I was nominated Budtender of the Year in 2023
  • I have been a judge for a handful of consumption contest
  • I am a private budtender
  • I am THE flower go to girl!

But let me not be the only one to toot my own horn. Here are a few testimonials from my experience in the cannabis industry.

Book Your flower consult today!