6 Ways To Infuse Your Self Care Routine Without Smoking

It comes as no shocker that a large amount of us are trying to cope with seasonal depression right now. Between the shifty weather and all the family geared holidays.. this time of year can hit hard! But thank God for good ol Mary Jane. So why not combine two of our favorite things to make this holiday season that much more manageable:

cannabis + self care

Here are 6 ways you can infuse your self care routine this holiday season!!


1. Elevate your bath game with a cannabis-infused bath bomb (or bath salt) – a soak that soothes both body and mind, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


2. Spice up your skincare with CBD-infused topicals. Let the soothing properties of cannabis pamper your skin, providing a calming touch to your daily routine.



3. Unwind with a cannabis-infused herbal tea – a delightful blend that adds a touch of relaxation to your evening ritual, helping you find your inner zen.


4. Elevate your yoga or meditation sessions with a hint of THC or CBD. It's like a cosmic companion for your mindfulness journey, enhancing the mind-body connection.


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5. Explore the culinary side of self-care by incorporating cannabis into your cooking. Infuse oils or butter to add a unique twist to your favorite recipes, making mealtime a therapeutic adventure.


6. Turn your bedtime routine into a tranquil experience with a cannabis-infused pillow spray. Drift off into dreamland with a fragrant mist that brings together the calming benefits of cannabis and aromatherapy.

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