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Close your eyes and picture a world where you can easily access legal ethically grown flower. A world where you can freely go into different brick and mortars to obtain your flower instead of riding around seeing if anyone looks like they now where the gas is. Imagine being able to work with people that know the flower and care about you needs regardless if you're a patient or not.

Now open your eyes because honey, this is our reality in 2023. At least for us Marylanders as of July 1st!

I have been a consumer since I was a wee one. I have even had legal troubles due to my love of the plant. So to imagine a life in which I can not only get legal flower, I can actually work in an industry based around something that I love so much... It literally blows my mind on a regular basis!

I am so passionate about Maryland's medical and up and coming recreational community. I stand ten toes on the notion that Maryland has some of the best flower in the nation! We have some of the highest quality control standards! Not to mention once you get all good and medicated we have some of the best spots to cure the munchies on this side of the Mason Dixon. I swear. I put my whole stash on that Snapple fact!

SO I say all that to say...

WTFLOWER MD is here to celebrate all of that while also proving itself to be an irreplaceable guide to Maryland's medical and recreational scene! A place where you can get familiar with some of the best locally grown flower by some of the best local cultivators house in some of the best dispensaries! On top of all that we will touch on some of the dopest munchie spots along with some really dope local events to get elevated at! 

Are you interest in getting in the industry? From becoming a budtender to owning your own dispensary... we plan to take a deep dive into all of that. Thin of this as legal insider trading. We are really going to get into our Martha Stewart bag over here.

.. get it?!- hits blunt - ANYWAYYYYY

I'm so stoked that you came by to check us out and that you've made it this far! I definitely hope to add so much value to your flower experience! Please feel free to comment and share! Also let us know what you want to see! y all means this is for you!


Much Love 
Jarilyn From Maryland
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